In 2020, we were selected by curator Anne Mullee to be part of a group exhibition, entitled 'New Work', at the South Tipperary Arts Centre. 
As part of ‘New Work’, we exhibited four interactive pieces that were physical studies of three experiences that we wished to create from our ‘Narcissus’ series. ‘Narcissus’ explores how human interaction with ambivalent technology manifests in our daily lives. 
We’re curious about the allure of technology and how we as humans individually and collectively interact with modern devices under the guise of connection in the digital world. At the time of being selected for ‘New Work’, our work mainly existed in the form of sketches, 3D visualisations and digital animations. 
We used the opportunity to not only showcase our artistic output but also demonstrate our process and the way in which we wished to work through physical three dimensional studies that could be experienced.
Cinematography, photography, editing, sound, all by Nocht Studio.
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