'Lotto' is a self-initiated body of work currently being developed by Nocht Studio. It that forms part of a larger 'Random' series that is being developed in partnership with Extern Problem Gambling Ireland.
‘Lotto’ casts a critical eye on the National Lottery as an integral cultural phenomenon in contemporary Ireland. Its ubiquitous presence, from logos outside every newsagent to its scratch cards at countless tills, and televised advertisements, reflects a deep-seated cultural engagement with chance and fortune. The exhibition seeks to unravel how this everyday gambling practice influences and is influenced by Irish society. 
Gambling has never been as accessible as it is now due to modern technology. Websites and mobile phone apps have given instant access to live betting and automated gambling games. It is omnipresent online, available 24/7, 365 days a year. The National Lottery ticket sales alone exceeded 1 billion euro last year during which the company’s operation and jackpot rollover became the topic of debate in Dáil Éireann. 
The work's relevance is emphasised by the October 2023 ESRI report’s findings: 25% of Ireland’s population is either directly or indirectly affected by problem gambling, with 75% of the population also gambling in the month prior. This alarming landscape underscores the project’s wide-reaching potential and aims to highlight the ubiquitous nature of gambling in Irish daily life that may be hidden but is definitely felt.  This work examines the presentation of gambling products, and the human perception of large numbers involved when participating in something as everyday as the “lotto”.
The work features three large pieces: an interactive wall panel, a shelf displaying every possible Lotto combination, and pallets of lottery tickets made from recycled materials. 
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