Presented by Nocht Studio for "Between the Lines" exhibition at Cahir Arts, “1/10,737,574” transformed an everyday object, an authentic National Lottery ticket, into a reflection on the interplay of randomness in our daily lives. The ticket, valid for the eight lottery draws that occur over duration of the “Between the Lines”, displays two lines containing both the first and the 10,737,574th possible combinations when selecting 6 numbers out of a pool of 47. 
'1/10,737,574' is Nocht Studio's debut from its ongoing 'Random' series. This body of work examines randomness, its impact on the human psyche, its manifestations in cultural identity and products and its exploitation in the gambling industry. Through this lens, we explore how humans assign value to objects and activities, and how these perceptions can shift through observation, interaction, and the passage of time.
All proceeds from the sale of the work were donated to Extern Problem Gambling Ireland.
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